the tracert command to from a windows machine. 3.As shown above, packets are lost in transmission. For example, here, we have executed ping to a windows machine.
The above screen shows a 40% packet loss. 2.Execute a trace route command to any host Step 2: Go to Objects >Host > IPHost and click Add to create a IP Host for DHCP Server with the parameters as shown in the table below.

If it is not enabled, please refer to the Troubleshooting section given below. Step 4: Check for Interface Collisions and Errors Improper Link Speed and Duplex negotiation between Cyberoam WAN Port and upstream router can be a reason for less browsing speeds. WWAN connectivity allows a user with a laptop and a WWAN support to use the web, or connect to a VPN from anywhere within the regional boundaries of cellular service. My 3G is not getting connected automatically after reboot.

Select Diagnostic Tools. Get more information about what is actually permitted. Document Version: 1.3 -20 January, 2014

Attachments Cyberoam Best Practices.pdf Article ID: 2075 © Copyright 2016 Sophos Technologies Pvt. Once the user authenticates, the user is redirected to his/her intended URL or to a URL pre-configured by the administrator.

Step 3: Check for Packet Loss within the Network Loss of packets during transmission between network nodes may result in reduced browsing speeds. Both the devices are getting connected to the WiFi network in my hostel. How to set authentication mechanism for L2TP or PPTP VPN users? Go to Firewall > Rule and click Add to create a Firewall rule from WAN toLAN as shown in the image below.